In the Spring of 1992, after my graduation from the Univerisity of Kansas, I had the opportunity to go flying with my friend Dr. Gordon Fitch in his plane. As luck would have it, we were blessed with a sunny afternoon. The following pictures show the beautiful campus situated on "Mount Oread" in Lawrence, Kansas.
Gordon Fitch
Gordon prepares his Cessna for takeoff from the small local airport, which can be found in western Lawrence.
This photo (105k jpg) shows the buildings along Jayhawk Boulevard (running from the lower left to the upper right of the photograph).Ku Aerial Photo 1
Ku Aerial Photo 2
Allen Fieldhouse, the home of perennial basketball powerhouse KU, is located at the far left of this photo (111k jpg). The burned-out shell of Hoch Auditorium, which was struck by lightning earlier in the year can be found near the right hand edge of the picture. Hoch (now known as Budig Hall) has been renovated to incorporate new classroom space while maintaining the original facade.
This view of Jayhawk Boulevard (98k jpg) highlights the sprawling Wescoe Hall (middle left) and Strong Hall (across the street from Wescoe). The twin towers of Fraser Hall can be seen in the lower foreground. Just above Wescoe in the image is another view of the fire-damaged Hoch Auditorium.Ku Aerial Photo 3

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