The year 2001 marked my third trip to Europe. This time, the destinations were Belgium, Italy and France. The image gallery consists of slides which have been scanned.
In October of 2000, I had the chance to travel to New England for the first time. The timing of my visit couldn't have been better, as the fall foliage was spectacular. Images from Smith College in Northampton, Mass., as well as images from Boston and Cambridge, Mass. and Newport, RI are displayed in an image gallery.
In March of 2000, I travelled to Zion National Park in Utah. The surrounding desert environment does little to prepare you for the stunning vistas within the park. An image gallery captures the trip.
In 1996, I went to Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, severe flooding of the Merced River required evacuation of much of the area. My host, Michele Haughton, a National Park Ranger, was able to gain admittance for me. While the weather was overcast much of the time, I enjoyed being able to see the sites without competition from many people. You can view an image gallery which documents my trip to this spectacular place.
In 1995, I took a vacation to Washington D.C. to visit a friend from the University of Illinois, Erin Setzen. The weather was absolutely perfect and the trip could not have been more enjoyable. See an image gallery which shows some of the places I went while there.
In 1992, I was able to take the second of three trips to Europe. I visited many countries, including Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland. See an image gallery which shows some of the highlights.